Salvaged blood and neutrophil activity

Neutrophil activity in total knee replacement: implications in preventing post-arthroplasty infection

A. Iorwerth, C. Wilson, N-Topley, I Pallister
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK
The Knee 10 (2003) 111-113


To test if the incidence of post-operative infections is reduced when filtered autologous blood is re-infused, and if this reduction is related to an upregulation of the activity of PMN.


Samples of venous citrate blood from an autologous transfusion group (Bellovac ABT) and from a conventional treatment group were compared.


The infection rate was lower and there was a significant increase in PMN activity in the autologous transfusion group.


The study indicates that the use of filtered blood alters the activity of PMN and supports the hypothesis that autologous transfusion of unwashed bllod reduces post-arthroplasty infections.